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Technology is a dynamic industry, displaying at some levels little barriers to entry, and at other levels intense global competition among some of the world’s most highly-valued brands. At every level, the industry is constantly driven by innovation and speed-to-market by demanding users.

Supply Chains Tailored for Efficient Tech Operations
OM Logistics understands how to manage and optimize even the most complex supply chains and multi-tier networks. As a leading logistics provider, we work with you to:

  • Manage supplier and subcontractor relationships

  • Optimize transportation

  • Operate distribution centers

  • Coordinate inbound and outbound flow

We combine technology, engineering and manufacturing expertise to design world-class logistics solutions, tailored for technology and electronics industry demands. Our expansive network includes:

  • Distribution facilities

  • Cross-docks

  • Manufacturing plants

  • Remote domiciles

  • Supplier locations throughout India

Offering high-speed product assembly and packaging operations within distribution centers, we provide services such as last-minute re-flash, software updates, kitting and packaging. We combine high-volume, serialized fulfillment with all modes of non-asset-based freight management services.

To succeed today, technology companies must address the challenge of globalization and competition, revenue and margin pressures by current or would-be investors, and demand for accelerated innovation. We help technology companies meet the challenges of a changing industry and gain a competitive advantage with a wide-range of talent solutions.

Warehousing and Distribution in the Technology Industry

In the technology industry, the pace of product development requires high-speed and highly flexible distribution operations. We specialize in high-volume, serialized fulfillment of cell phones, computers, GPS devices, gaming systems, cable boxes and other technology products. Our comprehensive warehousing and inventory management services can handle the multichannel distribution requirements of your high-tech supply chain.

We reduce costs at every level in your supply chain by identifying and resolving inefficiencies. From the production floor to distribution, our manufacturing supply chain solutions integrate our manpower and technologies while maximizing your existing resources and capabilities. We consolidate points for redistribution while minimizing transportation costs through route and network optimization.