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About us

OM Institute of Logistics and Supply Chain Management is based in Jamalpur, Gurgaon (Delhi-NCR). Recently started as a Non-Profit Education Institute and an emerging center for excellence, it is a professional body dedicated to the practice and training of Supply Chain Management, with a special emphasis on On-site Training. The Institute has been founded by OM Group, a well known Logistics Company, that brings with it a very wide spectrum of knowledge and experience in the Logistics and Supply Chain Management Industry. OM Institute is committed to offering recognized qualification, producing trained logistics professionals in the Logistics Industry, and helping professionals tailor their studies to achieve personal objectives and develop skills & knowledge in the Logistics and Supply Chain Management Sector.

About Courses

2-month course in “Logistics & Supply Chain Management”

In pursuance of its aims & objectives, the institute started a 2-month course, consisting of lectures by professional faculty and guest lectures by corporate professionals. The course comprises of 1-month theory classes followed by 1-month practical training. The program is very well suited for all professionals already working with the OM Group & freshers who are willing to pursue their career in the Logistics and Supply Chain Management Industry. Aiming to reinforce and promote best practices and high standards in the industry, the study encompasses all aspects of supply chain operations, from purchasing to manufacturing and logistics to general management. The institute comprises of digital classrooms and hi-tech internet supplied computer labs to enrich the training quality. Workshops are organized on various topics with 5-7 days of industrial visit to OM Group.


A well-established and well-organized OM Institute is built on 2 acres of lavish green land, facilitating free accommodation with varied amenities to provide an enriching learning environment. The infrastructure, facilities, teaching methodologies & academic rigor ensure that OM Institute succeeds in providing the hostel model of education.

Hostel: Hostels have several blocks, with well-furnished rooms with all basic amenities.
Classrooms: Digital Classrooms equipped with projectors providing a unique class learning environment, featured under the guidance of highly experienced professional faculty and corporate professionals.
Library: A pool of books with all new additions on all relevant topics of logistics & supply chain management, including relevant laws, has been created for trainees to enrich their knowledge during training.
Workshop: The program consists of a workshop and industrial training for an innovative study of supply chain & logistics improvement.


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High-tech internet enabled labs

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24 hours CCTV surveillance

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Newspaper facility

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RO Water purifiers

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Guest rooms

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Indoor – outdoor games facilities

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Join us at OM Institute

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