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There’s no doubt fashion is an industry on the move and we are right there, pacing into new markets, new cities with new logistic challenges along the way. We are leading the way to make things smoother for you. With more than 25  years in fashion, OM Logistics has given the expedient reaction, excellent quality, and convenient delivery the industry demands, especially in this era of multiple sales channels and web-based retailing.

Here at OM Logistics, we are continually inspired to set new logistics benchmarks – motivated not only by our decades of experience, our know-how, and our impeccable quality standards, but also by our devotion to elegant yet efficient logistics solutions. Such innovation generates fresh ideas and collections, strengthening not only the market position of our customers but also our own.

We provide you with a comprehensive, industry-specific logistics solution. No other logistics provider has a comparable, well-established Indian network with regular transportation services and hubs at all the important infrastructure locations. We can be found throughout India and are strategically located for you in all relevant states across India. And it goes without saying that we are continuing to grow, so we can help you to fulfill your future ambitions everywhere. We utilize every possible synergy to ensure that your supply and distribution logistics strategy meets its objectives – wherever they may lie.

Our objective is simple: to fulfill your needs in every possible way – precisely, comprehensively and reliably. It is not without reason that we are the Indian market leader. With our broad portfolio of products and services, we are there for you where you need us. Our portfolio is structured to meet virtually every challenge and fulfil the highest standards. Our unmatched overall nearness implies we can deliver optimized supply chains, reduced lead times and easy access to new markets. Lead times, accuracy, availability, and reliability are all of critical importance. So, if you are making plans for the future, be sure to contact us today.