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“Keeping your supply chain fit for the future”

For a healthcare company, continuous improvement is a daily service commitment to patients and healthcare professionals. Healthcare, like many industries, is ever-changing due to mergers, consolidation, regulatory complexities and other environmental factors. Partnering with a professional and innovative supply chain company is an absolute requirement since the availability of products is critical and supply chain performance essential to meet your daily service commitment, now and in the future. We understand how important product quality and chain of custody are in the healthcare industry.

At OM Logistics, we ensure product quality through e-pedigree and real-time track and trace capabilities to provide product traceability through the entire supply chain.

Healthcare organizations face many challenges, including skyrocketing costs, government mandates, and unprecedented change. At the same time, the marketplace remains demanding, public awareness is at an all-time high, and competition is intense.

Providing life-saving products is a big responsibility, one with risks that far outweigh those in a typical supply chain environment. OM Logistics understands the challenges facing life sciences companies. Together, we’ve created solutions that help you meet today’s challenges and anticipate tomorrow’s. Our customers include major pharmaceutical manufacturers and wholesalers, drug store groups, medical device manufacturers, health authorities, hospitals, health centers, hospital supply companies and other healthcare providers. Our disciplined processes, high-quality standards, and commitment to zero defects mean reliable, consistent services that ensure compliance with government agencies’ requirements.

To succeed today, healthcare organizations need to renew their customer focus, while cutting costs and increasing revenue to deliver more effective affordable healthcare. We help organizations throughout the healthcare system acquire and manage the talent they need to adapt in a changing industry, meet everyday challenges, and gain a competitive advantage. To improve process efficiency, we reduce the time and manpower required to order, track, deliver, and stock medical products by identifying and resolving inefficiencies to meet time-sensitive delivery goals critical to human health.

Our services and technologies track all activity, from supplier ordering to product delivery, allowing you to gain control of your supply chain by:

  • Monitoring order and delivery status

  • Resolving potential roadblocks

  • Reducing costly inefficiencies